Ensure Longevity with Regular NC Septic Tank Inspections

Your septic tank system, if cared for, will serve you for years.

Regular inspections are key to its longevity. Full Circle Septic offers insightful NC septic tank inspections, focusing not only on identifying potential issues but also on ensuring safety and preventing environmental contamination.

Common Septic Tank Inspection Questions

Regular inspections identify issues before they escalate, ensuring your investment is protected, and potential environmental risks are mitigated.

Unless you’ve had issues in the past, you should have a routine septic tank inspection at least once a year. The inspector will need to access the tank(s) to perform the inspection.

A few different factors affect how long it will take. It can take as little as an hour, or as long as three hours or more. It depends on the complexities of your particular tank, and if any issues are found that need to be investigated.

What We Inspect

Our inspections cover:

  • Solids Levels in the Tank
    Our inspector will check the solids levels in the tank. Waste settles at the bottom of your tank while floatables such as grease and food form a scum layer. Once certain levels in the tank are reached, pumping may be required (usually every three to seven years).
  • Ground for Potential Leaks
    Our inspector will check the ground around the tank to ensure there isn’t any raw sewage leaking out of the tank. If the tank is empty at the time of the inspection, the inspector may determine if groundwater is leaking into the septic tank.
  • Functionality of Pipes, Pumps & Controls
    Our inspector will inspect all access openings and lids. The inlet and outlet pipes may be observed making sure they are connected and operational. Any pumps, controls, treatment, or filtration components may be observed and checked for operation
  • Drainfield for Saturation, Vegetation & Depressions
    Our inspector will check the drainfield to make sure that there is no saturation, vegetation, or depressions that indicate issues.

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