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Why Is My Septic Alarm Sounding?

If you are getting an alarm from your septic system, DON’T PANIC, but call Full Circle Environmental ASAP! A septic tank alarm system serves as a monitor for the water elevation inside of your septic tank. Once the water level is either higher or lower than it needs to be, you will hear your alarm. Refrain from using water because if you continue to add more waste water to the system, you will cause it to overflow and cause an even bigger mess. Contact the specialists at Full Circle Environmental to come out and diagnose the issue!

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What Should I Do? 

1. Call Us Immediately!

2. Silence Your Alarm

3. Reduce Water Usage

4. Make Sure We Have Access to Your Breaker Box

5. Allow Us to Take Care of It! 
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Just how much storage do I have in my tank?

Septic systems are built with extra storage. This ensures that when your alarm does go off, you should have at least one days storage within your system. Once you call Full Circle Environmental, one of our professional technicians will be at your home within the day to help! 


Questions? We Can Help!

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