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Tips to maintain your Septic System during the holidays

During the holiday season when your home is filled with family and loved ones, the last thing you need is a nasty septic tank clog or leak. Maintaining your Septic system is the key to managing your home waste.
A septic system is a highly efficient, self-reliant, underground wastewater treatment system that treats and disposes of household wastewater onsite. The septic system uses natural processes to treat the wastewater, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional sewer lines.
If you have a septic system or are considering owning one, Here are some tips to keep things flowing smoothly in your home this holiday season.

Know Where Your Tank is Located 
During the winter months it’s especially important to know where your access point is in the event that it becomes covered by ice or snow. Sometimes grass or shrubs can cover your access point making it difficult to find or access your septic tank. If you’re not sure where your tank or manhole is, we have solutions for you. We use the latest technology and tools to help locate your tank.

Monitor What Goes Down the Kitchen Drain. 
The holidays are the busiest time of year for your septic system, as people usually tend to discard all of their holiday foods down the drain. This is the fastest way to have a septic back-up. When you’re cooking during the holiday season be careful not to put grease and other fatty liquids or solids in your drain, as it causes clogs and damage to the pipes.

Be Careful About What You Flush. 
When having family over during the holidays, many guests often use wipes for convenience. Wipes can cause damage to your septic system, as well as feminine products, paper towels and napkins.

Complete Laundry In Intervals. 
When you expect a large amount of guests at one time, chances are there will be several people showering, or washing at once. Using the washing machines will only add to this usage. In this scenario its best to try and limit your laundry use to specific times. Allowing time in between for your drainage to flow freely. The septic system can only handle a limited amount of water at one time.

Pump The Septic Tank Before the Holidays. 
The strain of excess water usage can cause your tank to have a higher risk of backup. Pumping your tank at least a week prior to your holiday guests arriving will ensure that your system is ready for extra usage.

Treat Your Tank With A Septic System Additive. 
An additive may be key to keeping your septic tank healthy year round.
Additives are natural bacteria that break down the solids in your septic tank. Additives are useful to add before the holiday season to assist your septic tank in running efficiently.

Use these simple septic tank tips to keep your systems running smoothly this holiday season. For additional answers to your septic tank questions, be sure to view our Contact Us page. If you would like to receive a quote please visit our home page for additional information. Happy holidays from our family to yours!